"'Vito Bonafacci' is a wakeup call for all who are cruising along life's paths and eventually find themselves drifting from the purpose and meaning of life" 

- Rev. Richard Dellos,  Priest of St. Joseph & St. Patrick Church, Utica, NY

" A reminder that the pursuit of happiness shouldn't interfere with the pursuit of holiness"

- Mary Prineri,  Blessed Mother Sodality, St. Anthony's Parish of Nanuet, NY 

"'Vito' is a movie more than ever for our times. The Catholic world over who have reached the age of reason should view this hard hitting presentation."

- Deacon William Hotaling,  Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Utica, NY

""The transformative power of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist are nearly made tangible in this insightful film.  While the unreflected life is not worth living for Vito Bonafacci, it is more the grace of the Sacraments which transform Vito's life from his own perception of it to what it really should be - a life made alive by God's love!  This beautifully-made film will be deeply appreciated by all who have come to know God in the Sacraments of the Church." 

- Rev. Arthur Mastrolia,  Pastor, St. Paul's R.C. Church, Congers, NY

"'Vito Bonfacci' is an inspiring portrayal of a lapsed, materialistic Catholic who returns to the faith. His critical interior drama unfolds in a subtle, understated way." 

- Elizabeth "Beth" Lynch,  Event Coordinator/Museums Manager

Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine, Auriesville, New York

"A powerful movie… 

actor Paul Borghese gives an intense and deeply moving performance as Vito Bonafacci"

- Dona DeSanctis,

Editor-in-chief, Italian America Magazine at Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA)



"A hard working, successful, honest family man who is relentless in finding the truths that lie within his soul searching is a rare man to find yet there are men out there who possess such fine qualities. Vito Bonafacci is such a man and to see an Italian American character portrayed as such is refreshing and promising because we all too often see negative stereotyping of Italian Americans in the movies and on television. Bravo to Italian American filmmaker John Martoccia and to Paul Borghese, the actor who ever so naturally portrayed this complicated yet at the same time simple man".

- Joanne Cardone, President

Romanesque Lodge  #2198

Blauvelt, NY    Affiliated with OSIA       Order Sons of Italy in America 

If Catholics want to see their religion portrayed positively on screen, they should support films like “Vito Bonafacci.”

- John Woods,  Editor, CATHOLIC NEW YORK

"I found Vito Bonafacci to be a very good film and most favorable in the eyes of the Catholic Church.    I would recommend all my parishioners to see it. 

- Father Dominick Cutrone,  Pastor Emeritus   

Our Lady Of Grace,   Brooklyn, NY

“The film by John Martoccia, “Vito Bonafacci, In Search of the Truth”, is an impressive statement of Catholic truths, as well as of the depths of spirituality of the filmmaker. In the secularist, cultural environment of our contemporary world, the ultimate meaning of human existence is shrouded in silence, or excluded from social conversations. The film “Vito Bonafacci” challenges the audience with the uncomfortable and yet most meaningful final realities of human life: death, judgment, heaven, hell. The film will help viewers to take ownership of one’s own conscience and of responsible exercise of freedom. Watching the film places the viewer in sacred environment of a medieval cathedral, the music coloring the background, images succeeding like panels of a stained glass window, and a consoling personal transformation of its protagonist. The film has my support.”

- Rev. George Torok, C.O., 

Pastor Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church, Tappan, NY

"Were the Catholic Church to begin giving cinematic imprimaturs, few films would be better qualified to receive one than 'Vito Bonafacci', writer-director John Martoccia's meditative- and theologically impeccable- exploration of Scripture-based doctrine and spirituality.    "'Vito Bonafacci' will certainly reinforce faith in the devout and those with yearnings for the sacred.."   "Religious educators will also welcome the movie as an apt and pleasant instrument in the catechetical instruction of teenagers or adults."


"'Vito Bonafacci' an earnest film about a lapsed Roman Catholic in spiritual crisis, is a welcome reminder of religion’s true work. In a world fixated on bombast, 'Vito Bonafacci' offers a quiet haven for meaningful meditation."

- Daniel M. Gold, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"A much-needed cultural antidote to the contemporary fixation on materialism."


"As a director, John Martoccia sketches believable characters with quick strokes, and builds strong emotions from small gestures and moments."