DVD Includes:

*Vito Bonafacci Theatrical Version

    running time : 97 minutes

With DVD Extras:

*Feature film commentary track with:

    Director John Martoccia

    & Actor Paul Borghese

*Special Video commentary track with:

    Director John Martoccia

*Interview with Director John Martoccia

*Interview with Actor Paul Borghese

*Opening Night Premiere & Party

*Theatrical Trailer

*And Much, Much More!!!

"Religious educators will welcome the movie as an apt and pleasant instrument in the catechetical instruction of teenagers or adults."


"'Vito Bonafacci' an earnest film about a lapsed Roman Catholic in spiritual crisis, is a welcome reminder of religion’s true work. In a world fixated on bombast, 'Vito Bonafacci' offers a quiet haven for meaningful meditation."

- Daniel M. Gold, THE NEW YORK TIMES

If Catholics want to see their religion portrayed positively

on screen, they should support films like “Vito Bonafacci.”

- John Woods,  Editor, CATHOLIC NEW YORK

"A much-needed cultural antidote to the contemporary fixation on materialism."


I would recommend all my parishioners to see it. 

- Father Dominick Cutrone,  Pastor Emeritus   

Our Lady Of Grace,   Brooklyn, NY

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